Eagle Mountain is the largest and the fourth fastest growing city in Utah. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates its population at 29,202 in 2016, that’s up 33.2 percent since 2010.

But what other factors will entice you to buy a townhome in Eagle Mountain? A lot, actually. Here are some of them.

Its Natural Beauty

One of the biggest appeals of Eagle Mountain is it’s surrounded on all sides by tall, snow-capped mountains. There aren’t many tall buildings in sight as the area is specifically zoned to be a small city. You have a great many trees and patches of forests that give you the feeling of communing with nature every single day of your stay here.

Eagle Mountain is the perfect place to raise your family. Imagine peaceful nature walks with your kids. You can teach them about different plant and animal species, this will stay with them as they grow and make them protectors of the environment.

Living close to nature has proven to have a calming and soothing effect on people — a welcome break from the stresses of modern living.

A Fitness Mecca

As one would expect from a small city surrounded by mountains, Eagle Mountain offers a lot of physical activities. The range offers trails that are suited to all skill levels—from the beginner all the way up to the experienced. Not only do these trails offer great views of the city below, they also offer a great way to stay fit. Apart from hiking, you can bike along these trails and even go for an ATV ride. Naturally, during the winter season, you can also enjoy skiing on the mountain range.

Modern Conveniences

Eagle Mountain isn’t too far away from the normal conveniences that you are used to. The city is home to malls and commercial centers where you can find supermarkets, pharmacies, and many other shops.

The city is also home to 40 parks with amenities like amphitheaters, basketball courts, pavilions, baseball diamonds, and a splash pad.

A Warm Community

brown barn in a reural area

If you’re looking for a community that’s warm and welcoming, you can certainly do no wrong at Eagle Mountain. The people are very friendly to those who move in and live in the area, basically what you’d expect from a small and close-knit city.

One of the biggest celebrations that everyone’s excited about is the Pony Express Days, an annual festival typically celebrated in late May to early June. It commemorates the olden times when the original Pony Express used to travel through what is now the city of Eagle Mountain. The festivities feature fireworks, a rodeo, and even a demolition derby.

If you want to enjoy life in a quaint city without giving up the conveniences of modern life, Eagle Mountain is a great place to buy a property. What could be better than waking up in the arms of nature and living a stress-free life? Nothing.

Are you ready to embrace that change? Check out some online listings or better yet, call up a local realtor to start your home search.