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Filipino food Sisig

Top Food Destinations in Metro Manila

The capital of the Philippines, Manila is a major transportation hub for arriving and departing flights. Local and foreign tourists alike usually stop by the city en route to somewhere else. And for those who want to really experience the bustling metropolis, there is plenty to do. One is to go on a food trip.

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Old town and Prince Palace, Monaco

The Luxurious State of Monaco: What You Need to Know

Monaco, one of the smallest nations in the world, is known as the ‘Billionaires’ Playground’. This tiny sovereign state located in the French Riviera is famous for being one of the perfect places for people who love glamour and luxury. According to statistics, 32% of the city’s population are millionaires. If you are one of

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Pool outside of house

Remodeling: For Added Aesthetics and Market Value

A lot of people use the terms renovation and remodeling interchangeably. However, this is inappropriate and a complete misuse since these two home improvement projects differ greatly from each other. While both have the objective to enhance the aesthetic and increase the resale value of a house, their costs and impact vary. Renovation is mainly

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Residential air conditioner compressor units near building

Professional Methods of Boosting the Airflow in Your Interiors

Several decisions go into the purchase of an air conditioning unit that will meet your indoor heating and cooling requirements. Though you might get an air conditioner that ticks all your boxes and suffices for your property, this does not automatically guarantee indoor comfort. The professional installation of the unit is important to ensure that

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What Happens During an Energy Audit of Your Building

An energy audit is a full assessment of your house or building in Portland, Oregon. It aims to identify areas where you might be wasting electricity. It looks at the current energy consumption of your home or building and makes recommendations on the energy-saving measures that you can implement. An auditor reports whether your building

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Worker in construction site

How to Choose the Best Supplier for Construction

Building a home requires making a series of complicated decisions. Each of them needs to be carefully planned to ensure that the quality and integrity of your project are not compromised. Finding a supplier for your raw materials is one such decision. Your supplier needs to be reliable, and they should provide the best raw

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Plantation style elegant shutters window treatment for stylish home

Making the Most Out of Your Home’s Window Treatments

The window treatment industry underwent significant changes in the mid-90s. Prior to this time, window treatment was mostly functional and only served to control the amount of light entering a room, or as a secondary layer of insulation. Nowadays, treatments are also designed to improve your property’s indoor look. Moreover, parents are more concerned than

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School Buildings for Emergencies

Designing School Buildings for Emergencies

A rash of mass shootings in the past few years, especially in schools, have put school administrators at a conundrum. The problem is that they need to make schools safer for children without making them look like maximum-security prisons. Schools must be, first and foremost, places for learning where young people would feel inspired to

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