couple signing divorce papers infront of lawyer

Divorce Drama: What You Should Never Allow When Filing a Case

Divorce is a fairly common event in dramas and with real-life celebrities. You yourself may be able to closely relate, considering that you’re in a situation that warrants it. However, it’s not at all glamorous, unlike what you may see on TV. It is a difficult and complicated matter for any couple that wishes to

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What You Need to Know About Captive Insurance Compliance

Are you planning to form a Captive Insurance Company or CIC for your business? Before you make any decision, you should understand this insurance option for your business. What Is Captive Insurance? To understand the legalities of CICs, it’s best to hire a captive insurance lawyer who is more knowledgeable about pre-audit compliance and audit

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Fast Food

What to Do if Another Company Uses Your Trademarks

Businesses naturally spend a significant amount of resources, energy, and time to promote their brand and safeguard their trademarks. They try to develop memorable and enticing names and logos so that their target market will learn about their brand and be compelled to choose them over other companies. However, what if you find out that

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car accident

Personal Injury 101: Understanding Special and General Damages

Have you sustained injuries due to a car crash through at no fault of your own? You’re probably considering filing a claim for personal injury. As you have most likely heard by now, the majority of personal injury claims end up settling out of court, instead of going through trial. You’re also probably wondering what

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Constitutes Fraud

Don’t be a Victim! Know What Constitutes Fraud

While in the past, banking meant clients walking into your lobby to handle various transactions, the rise of the digital age has changed this. Nowadays, you can have a long-serving client for your bank who you might never meet face-to-face thanks to online banking. While this has proven extremely efficient for you and clients, it

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woman handing out cash

How to Get Cash Fast

Money makes the world go round, and it is a necessary part of many daily transactions. This is why you can end up having to pay a large amount of it to deal with an emergency. This can range from fixing a broken pipe to immediate treatment for a medical emergency. Getting money fast is

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