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Big Dream Home Plans: Important Factors to Consider

Being able to buy that dream home has always been part of the bucket list for a lot of people. No matter how much you’re earning, the industry that you’re working in, and where you’re from, you can still own the house of your dreams as long as you set it as your long-term goal.

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When Is the Best Time to Buy a House?

For most of us, buying a property is the biggest purchase we’ll ever make. One thing’s certain: It’s not something to be trifled with. Right? For first-timers, this can always look scary, especially on big transactions like this. Take note, however. Buying a house is also an investment that can never be taken away from

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Elements of Successful Township or Master Planned Communities

Townships or master-planned communities are large-scale residential neighborhoods with numerous recreational and commercial amenities, ranging from swimming pools to restaurants. Much has changed in property development — including the elements of successful residential master planning. If you’re working on a township or master plan project, here are the essential elements you need to remember. Nature

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What Will Be the Trends in Real Estate After the Pandemic?

With the COVID-19 pandemic putting the world at a near standstill, we can expect to see varying degrees of changes in almost any industry, including real estate. This brings us to the question: What real estate trends can we expect post-pandemic? If there is one thing that the 2020 pandemic has taught us, it’s that

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Site Development 101: The Basics You Must Include in Your Site Plan

When it comes to building design, any student or professional who works in the construction industry knows how important a site development plan is. Building design is affected by topography, infrastructure, vegetation, existing structures, and other factors, which means a lot of thought should be given to site analysis before any construction begins on site.

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