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Site Development 101: The Basics You Must Include in Your Site Plan

When it comes to building design, any student or professional who works in the construction industry knows how important a site development plan is. Building design is affected by topography, infrastructure, vegetation, existing structures, and other factors, which means a lot of thought should be given to site analysis before any construction begins on site.

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Interior Design

Top Interior Design Styles to Consider Other Than Minimalist

The recent years have seen the rising popularity of the minimalist style of interior design. It even gained more hype as reorganizing and decluttering made it to headlines, thanks to Marie Kondo and her mantra of getting rid of everything that “doesn’t bring you joy.” But let’s face it — no matter how refreshing, clean, and

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Six Types of Concrete Admixtures and When to Use Them

Concrete is one of the essential materials in the construction industry. It has near-universal applications at worksites and is known for its strength and durability. However, even this staple material can be further modified to overcome some of its disadvantages or to suit the specific needs of your next construction project better. Here are some

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house building concept

When Building a House Makes Sense Than Buying

Most homebuyers would choose to buy an existing home than build their dream houses. Prebuilt houses are move-in ready and cheaper. But you may find it hard to buy a house with all of your non-negotiables in place. You will have to compromise with either the space, home’s features, or location. If you’re not careful, you can

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