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Men in Mind: Home Design Ideas for That Masculine Appeal

Maculine house interior design

To achieve a home design that oozes masculine appeal, shades of brown or black and tons of animal head-inspired decors aren’t your only options. It might not be an easy task, but it’s certainly doable. There are ways you can turn your personal space into something that’s relaxing, stylish, manly, and most importantly, female-friendly (if having female guests in your crib is a priority).

Contrary to popular belief, interior design isn’t a women-only territory. For many years, some of the best home designs around the world are credited to men’s style instincts. Now, it’s your turn. However, there’s a thin line that separates a swanky, well-thought-of bachelor pad for that ladies’ man and a full-blown man cave for your inner geek.

With these design ideas below, you’ll be able to find that good balance to achieve a stylish and manly home that reflects your personality — with enough restraint to keep it from looking overdone.

Go the vintage route

This is perhaps the safest choice you have. When choosing furniture pieces and decors, going for that vintage vibe will definitely give your home that warm touch. Some of the elements you may consider are older shelves, sofas, beds, desks, carpets, and tables.

Not only do these items emit a sense of familiarity, but they’re also low maintenance. You can easily get carpet cleaning services for your Provo pad, for example, if you don’t have time for that weekly house cleaning. They’re also a lot simpler to purchase because they’re used and more affordable.

Do not be afraid to mismatch

Interior design experts always say that a man’s room should feel collected, not decorated. To avoid turning your sanctuary into a place that’s taken straight from a furniture catalog, don’t hesitate to be bold and combine pieces from different places and times. A modern accent chair will work well with an antique sofa, for example.

Get a solid accent chair

Speaking of accent chair, having a nice, solid one where you can plop down after a long day at work should be on your furniture shopping list. A long sofa may work, but you can also get another one for this specific purpose. Loungers and recliners are the top choices, but if they’re not within your budget, you can (once again) go the vintage route.

Get an old cigar chair or anything made of leather. The important thing is to get that one spot at home where you can just unwind while reading a book or enjoying a drink.

Less is definitely more

If going vintage isn’t for you, then take that minimalistic approach. Stick to a few basic items in your home that are functional but still look like you gave it a thought. You wouldn’t want to start with a decluttered look because that won’t help you relax. Starting with a minimalistic home is also safe because you can easily add more items if you changed your mind.

Finally, get an area rug. This isn’t the same as your doormat, so take some time to find one that’s worth your money. After all, it’s one of the first things you and your guests will notice when you walk into your home.

A bachelor pad designed according to your taste is something you would look forward to going home to. Know what designs will work for your space now.

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