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Simple But Important Bathroom Upgrades You Can Do Today

For many, their bathrooms are a sanctuary after a long and tiring day. There’s nothing like soaking in a warm bath to relax. Light some scented candles, put on romantic music and you have a complete spa experience right in your home.

Like many areas in the house, your bathroom can deteriorate over long years of neglect. When that happens, cosmetic changes can become expensive, not to mention the plumbing updates it needs. If you’re planning a bathroom and shower remodel, these are the things that will need critical attention.

Tiling Update

Many bathrooms feature floor-to-wall tiles because they tend to be cooler and resist heat absorption. But tiles can crack and the gaps in between gather grout and molds. They make your bathroom ugly and disgusting. You can go for modern tile designs to give your bathroom a contemporary look, or go for the classic subway tiles for their clean and classic lines.

Pipe Replacement

Pipes can rust or weaken over time and this can cause major problems from poor water pressure to clogging. So if your house is old, regularly checking your plumbing should be a priority. Hire a professional to do the checking, this is not something you skimp money on.

Shower and Bath Upgrade

Shower and Bath

An older shower setup can start to get faulty over the years and there’s nothing less enjoyable than a trickling shower. Remodeling your bath will give more than one reason to enjoy a long shower or bath. You can start by browsing through many bathroom designs from magazines and websites. Then hire a reno company to bring your ideas to life.

Don’t even attempt going the DIY route if you have no home building experience because it can easily turn to disaster if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Whatever design you go for, always prioritize comfort, adequate space, and a color scheme that you won’t get tired of soon. You’ll be with what you choose for a long time unless you have money to throw away for a yearly renovation.

You can do simple or elaborate updates to your bathroom choosing colorful and more artistic tiles. Or how about replacing your walls and countertops with cultured marble or granite? They may cost more but the benefits make up for the price. Marble and granite instantly create a luxurious space and they will last for generations.

Going into your bathroom should give you relief and relaxation. If you aren’t experiencing that, then it’s time to for a renovation.

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