Up on Top: Ceiling Types for that Perfect Interior

You’ve found the perfect house and land for you and your family. After buying that land for sale situated in Wyndham Vale, you’re ready to move in and start a new life. Before making that big step, however, you need to focus on certain details, such as the decorations of your new home.

If you truly want your new house and land to look beautifully decorated, you can’t overlook anything. You have to be particular about every single detail in your interiors, including the ceilings.

Ceilings have a lot to do with the overall vibe of your living space. Their height, style, shape and colour can influence the interior of your home. When you think about ceilings, the image of a flat surface immediately comes to mind. However, it goes way beyond paint and wallpaper. The best ceiling treatments are products of creative architectural pursuits. This means you have to be careful when choosing the right option before starting the project.

To help you choose properly, here are the different types of ceilings you can consider:

Flat Ceilings


Standard flat ceilings need not be boring. They can look just as fancy as the more intricate ceiling types depending on how much you play around with it. You can add a striking pendant if you want to make a basic ceiling look more interesting. Patterned wallpapers and high-gloss paint are great options, as well. If your ceilings aren’t particularly high, however, it’s best to just keep them flat instead of adding some beams and trays. Doing so will only make them feel a lot lower.

Cathedral Ceilings

As the name suggests, cathedral ceilings are reminiscent of what you see inside churches. These are pointed and have symmetrical designs, making them feel elegant and sophisticated. On top of that, these styles have two sides that go all the way down at a similar angle from a central tip (think of the letter “A”).

While these are beautiful, keep in mind that you won’t be able to have another floor built on top of one. If you have an unused attic space, however, you’ll be able to make one.

Ceiling Trays

These refer to recessed ceilings where the centre, their highest point, is upside down. These are great if you want your space to look even bigger, as these will make rooms with higher ceilings have even more depth. Create an even bigger impact by doing some layered stacked on top of one another. While these are extremely simple (almost as simple as a flat ceiling), these can add a nice touch to any room inside your home.

Speciality Mouldings

If you’re into that classic vintage look, these are the right ceilings for you. If you’re inspired by designs from Victorian and Neoclassical periods, decorative mouldings with elaborate treatments will work best for your space. Give your new home that historic feel with these options. Of course, you can make it a lot more modern by mixing it up with a variety of contemporary design schemes or stick to a consistent, classic look.

These ceilings will go great for the interior of a home. If you’re not sure what’s best for your home, just look up (literally) and visualise the ceiling that will spruce up your interior.

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