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What You Need to Know Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Homeowners love to remodel bathrooms, and it’s easy to understand why. The room has a singular purpose, making it easier to plan and execute the project. There’s also less space to work with compared to the kitchen or living room, which means you get to spend less on paint, tile flooring, and other construction costs.

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, you can make life easier for you if you hire a plumber. But if you brush up on the basics of construction and know what to expect, you might successfully pull off a remodel project with little outside help.

1. Protect the wall

Water damage is costly to repair, which is why you need to invest in protection for the lower section of the bathroom wall. Beadboard or ceramic tiles help protect the walls from water splashes from the bathtub or shower. You can also add extra moisture protection to the walls with a coat of oil-based paint.

2. Add more mirrors

Bathrooms are usually small and cramped. One quick and easy way to make the space feel bigger is to add more mirrors. Many people think that mirrors are only good for practical purposes, such as primping or fixing your makeup. But a good designer knows that a mirror or two placed in the right location can expand the bathroom and help distribute light.

3. Install more hooks

Robe and towel hooks are a quick and inexpensive way to add more surface area to your bathroom without extending the countertops. You can use the hooks to hang clothes, towels, and bathrobes. You can also place them anywhere, such as the back of the door or on bare walls.


4. Add one primary decorative space

If you have space, one great way to unify the bathroom’s design is to add one freestanding decorative piece, such as a chair or a side table. You might have to sacrifice something for that piece, however. You can just move the hamper to the hallway or take advantage of the vertical space by building cabinets.

5. Plan the lighting

For a place that is often used for checking the hair and face, bathrooms are usually dim and poorly lit. In many cases, there’s only one ceiling light for the entire room. A sconce or two near the bathroom mirror helps improve the lighting without sacrificing floor space. The strategic placement of mirrors also helps distribute light around the room.

6. Change the color palette

This applies to any room as well. If you want to make a space look bigger, repaint the walls a lighter color. Darker colors like red and brown make a place feel more enclosed and claustrophobic. Use light colors like white and sky blue when choosing a color palette for your new bathroom.

With all that said, a bathroom remodel can seem overwhelming, especially if you lack the necessary knowledge to execute a project of this type. These pointers will help you rebuild your bathroom more systematically.

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